Welcome to the NE(W)AVE Open Online Course!

You are a young VET  plumber or electrician graduate, about to graduate or currently training in this field? You are passionate about renewable energies, would like to deepen your knowledge in this field and at the same time geographically broaden the scope of possible workplaces to practice your trades? This course is definitely for you!

Via this online course you will be able to update and focus your skills on renewable energies, more specifically on the solar and biomass fields. You will get acquainted with the overall European energy strategy and its implementation in 5 European countries, namely Austria, Denmark, Greece, Italy and Spain.

This course is a combination of both theoretical and practical knowledge, the aim is for you to acquire hands-on skills to perform adequately in building and construction.

Through the quizzes and the self-assessment tools included in this course you will have the chance to check your own learning achievement and skills improvement.

For a better performance, you are advised not to use Internet Explorer. 

In case of problems related to the use of the course, please contact Ms Lucienne Pubellier: lpu@eucsyd.dk

For more information about the NE(W)AVE project, please contact Ms Simona Palumbo: simona.palumbo@cesie.org or visit our project website: www.newaveproject.eu 

We hope you will enjoy the course and we look forward to guiding you.

Your NE(W)AVE team