Newsletter 2: Open Online Course for future professionals in the renewable energy sector

Are you a young VET plumbing or electricity graduate or about to graduate? You are passionate about renewable energies, would like to deepen your knowledge in this field and at the same time geographically broaden the scope of possible workplaces to practice your trades? The NE(W)AVE – reNEWable e-VEt learning project has designed an Open Online Course for you!

Considering the importance of topics such as resource efficiency and the low-carbon society in tackling today’s global challenges in the energy and environmental fields, and the necessity of the EU to become a sustainable managed economy by 2050, it is forecast that over a million of new jobs will be created and new technical and soft skills, especially in the green sector will be redefined. Although high-level education in this field is largely available, the labour market lacks medium-level and operational manpower in which the renewable energy field is showing high demand. These jobs do not require academic training but solid technical skills. In this context, the NE(W)AVE project and its Open Online Course come to life.

This online course is a comprehensive e-learning model for future professionals in the renewable energies who wish to upgrade/convert their competences and to re-qualify themselves in this sector increasing their employability.

Via this online course, learners will be able to update and focus their skills on renewable energies, more specifically on the solar and biomass fields, also learning about the soft skills necessary to work in the sector and about the learning and job opportunities existing in Europe. Furthermore, learners will get acquainted with the overall European energy strategy and its implementation in 5 European countries, namely Austria, Denmark, Greece, Italy and Spain.

Being a unique combination of both theoretical and practical knowledge, through this course, learners will acquire hands-on skills to perform adequately within the building and construction industry.

During this course, the learners will also have the opportunity to complete a 1-week period of mobility in Spain and Italy hosted by two companies, St.H and Heliotec, both working in the renewable energy sector. Here they will practice the knowledge acquired in the online course in plants and factories and experience an internship in a multicultural environment with the support of well-trained company mentors.

For the piloting phase of the course and for the internship in Spain, CESIE is now recruiting 6 learners interested in working in the renewable energy sector as plumber or as electrician. The course will be launched from August 2019 and the recruited learners will be able to register beforehand and start the online course in September 2019 and the internship in Spain in October 2019.

If you would like to have the opportunity to join the NE(W)AVE Open Online Course, or to receive more information about the NE(W)AVE project, please write to Simona Palumbo: