The NE(W)AVE Open Online Course and a 7-day internship in Italy and Spain have been designed to help learners work in the renewable energy sector.

If you would like to work as a plumber or electrician in the renewable energy sector, then the NE(W)AVE project is for you!

Through this 3-year European project, the NE(W)AVE partners from Italy, Spain, Austria, Denmark and Greece designed an Open Online Course; an on-line tool that will help VET learners and people interested in working in the green energy field update/upgrade their skills enabling them to work in this sector. For the piloting phase of the course, 24 learners will be recruited and will attend the online course starting from September 2019. In October 2019 these learners will be involved in a 7-day internship abroad hosted by two companies St.H, in Italy, and Heliotec, in Spain which work in the renewable energy sector. During this mobility, the learners will have the chance to implement activities in plants and factories as learned from the online course, to practice all their acquired knowledge in the renewable energy sector and improve their technical skills. The learners will be supported by six company mentors, who will guide and help them through all the week in order to guarantee an effective and productive internship.

Last 11-15 February 2019, these 6 mentors from St.H and Heliotec attended a 5-day training course held by a trainer from CESIE and hosted by die BERATER in Vienna, aimed at giving them instructions on how to manage the internship, how to support the learners during the mobility giving them all the tools necessary to deal with the learners. In Vienna, the six company mentors had the chance to meet the NE(W)AVE project partners, who on 11th and 12th February were in Vienna for the 3rd Consortium Meeting of the project. Together mentors and partners shared opinion on the Open Online Course, gave their valuable contribution to its finalisation and helped design the activities to be implemented during the internship.

If you would like to join the Open Online Course and the 7-day internship in Italy and Spain, please do not hesitate to contact us at Let’s boost your renewable energy skills with the NE(W)AVE project. Follow us in our NE(W)AVE website and NE(W)AVE facebook page