The project

NE(W)AVE’s project aims to create, test and implement a comprehensive learning model for the future professionals in the renewable energies.

Upgrading skills

The project foresees that young VET graduates or about to graduate can follow an online course that allows them to update and focus their skills on renewable energy. Skills that will not only be theoretical but above all practical.

General aims of the project

To increase the knowledge of the VET sector in partners countries, dedicated to renewable energy.

To enhance the technical skills of learners

To open a new potential market for young people in possession of more traditional skills such as electricians, plumbers and installers

To Strengthen the skills of VET teachers and trainers

To Investigate which professionals’ profiles, companies of the sector want.

To increase the ability of young people to compete in a competitive market

To Promote innovative teaching methods

To promote mobility in the field of education, training and knowledge in Europe.

A gap analysis in each country

in order to examine the existing training opportunities, trainers, teachers and companies working in the sector will be interviewed to outline the real needs of the sector both in terms of thematic content and real needs of companies.

A new online course

based on the results of the analysis and based on a proven learning model.


An e-toolkit for teachers and trainers

An e-toolkit for teachers and trainers dedicated to online training and the management of European mobility

Best practices

 gathered during the project will be made available to all institutions, companies and public administrations to strengthen sectoral policies in the renewable energy field in Europe.


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