Research on skills needed for jobs related to renewable energy

This overall report is the final result of the research on skills needed for jobs related to renewable energy, conducted in the frame of the project NE(W)AVE: reNEWable e-Vet learning.

Through this comparative research the project aims to provide a general glance on the situation in the renewable energy sector and the process of an appropriate adaptation of trained skills in the project partner countries. Moreover, this research gives a clear view of the skill mismatches between job demands and learning offers in the renewable energy sectors of these countries.

For the NE(W)AVE project consortium the research findings served as a basis for the contents which will be included into the Open Online Course (OOC) to be developed and provided to VET learners with the aim to upgrade and convert existing “green” competences according to the demands of the renewable energy sector.


E-toolkit for education professionals in vocational education and training

The NE(W)AVE project supports continuous professional development of VET trainers, tutors and mentors through the acquisition of new or improved competences in terms of teaching/learning methods, tutoring and intercultural skills. With this aim, the project will develop an E-Toolkit, an online tool which will be based on brand new training materials that will help VET trainers modernize and diversify their educational offer related to the renewable energy sector.

This will be an important tool for VET trainers promoting the methodology and contents developed by the project in a large scale and using different tools (videos, interactive resources etc.) for its development. It is expected that through the usage of this tool, VET Trainers will increase the awareness of the competences upgrading methods in VET, increase their interest in using e-learning approach and in the mobility opportunities for VET Learners. As guidelines, their transferability potential is really high, ensuring a high level of multiplier effect.

NE(W)AVE E-toolkit will be accessible for free and it will be a free-standing open training resource.


Mini Course on Mobility Management for Mentors

Through this Mini Course, VET trainers are introduced to the organisation of international placements for their own learners at companies and can increase their awareness of the competence upgrading methods in VET and increase their interest in using e-learning approaches in mobility opportunities for their learners. At the same time, through this guide, company mentors can learn how to host learners in their own companies and make their mobility experience a valuable learning and working experience.


From VET learning to jobs in the field of renewable energy:
Opportunities and recommendations

All the best practices gathered during the NE(W)AVE project will be made available as policy recommendations to all the policy makers and stakeholders in the field of VET and renewable energies, such as for example, institutions, companies and public administrations to strengthen sectoral policies in the renewable energy field in Europe. These recommendations for a topic as the renewable energy which is of great interest from a transversal point of view, enhance a close and concrete collaboration among different stakeholders that so can exchange good practices, essential to develop common strategies and educational guidance.

Aim of the NE(W)AVE project is to be transnationally implemented, representing one of those “educational interventions that focus on developing intercultural competences among youth and teachers” in order to have an “impact perceptions and interactions” (‘Education policies and practices to foster tolerance, respect for diversity and civic responsibility in children and young people in the EU’, NESET II report, Luxembourg: PublicationsOffice of the EU, 2016). It is crucial to involve policy makers and stakeholders in discussing important issues and define common policies.




Video Tutorials

These tutorial videos were made by, St.H and Heliotec, companies working with the renewable energies. Through these videos practical information about photovoltaic panels installation, photovoltaic system installation on a pitched roof, biomass and solar thermal collectors are provided. The aim of these video tutorials is to provide practical knowledge to the learners who wish to acquire/update their skills on this field.

Open Online Course

This Open Online Course is addressed to future professionals of the renewable energy sector, especially plumbers and electricians, who want to upgrade/convert their competences and requalify themselves in this field