An e-toolkit for teachers and trainers

E-toolkit for education professionals in vocational education and training

The NE(W)AVE project supports continuous professional development of VET trainers, tutors and mentors through the acquisition of new or improved competences in terms of teaching/learning methods, tutoring and intercultural skills. With this aim, the project will develop an E-Toolkit, an online tool which will be based on brand new training materials that will help VET trainers modernize and diversify their educational offer related to the renewable energy sector.

This will be an important tool for VET trainers promoting the methodology and contents developed by the project in a large scale and using different tools (videos, interactive resources etc.) for its development. It is expected that through the usage of this tool, VET Trainers will increase the awareness of the competences upgrading methods in VET, increase their interest in using e-learning approach and in the mobility opportunities for VET Learners. As guidelines, their transferability potential is really high, ensuring a high level of multiplier effect.

NE(W)AVE E-toolkit will be accessible for free and it will be a free-standing open training resource.


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