Best practices

From VET learning to jobs in the field of renewable energy:
Opportunities and recommendations

All the best practices gathered during the NE(W)AVE project will be made available as policy recommendations to all the policy makers and stakeholders in the field of VET and renewable energies, such as for example, institutions, companies and public administrations to strengthen sectoral policies in the renewable energy field in Europe. These recommendations for a topic as the renewable energy which is of great interest from a transversal point of view, enhance a close and concrete collaboration among different stakeholders that so can exchange good practices, essential to develop common strategies and educational guidance.

Aim of the NE(W)AVE project is to be transnationally implemented, representing one of those “educational interventions that focus on developing intercultural competences among youth and teachers” in order to have an “impact perceptions and interactions” (‘Education policies and practices to foster tolerance, respect for diversity and civic responsibility in children and young people in the EU’, NESET II report, Luxembourg: PublicationsOffice of the EU, 2016). It is crucial to involve policy makers and stakeholders in discussing important issues and define common policies.


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